Waterkant Festival, Kiel / Northern Germany


"We are shoving our children onto a global school bus that has a 98% probability of causing a fatal accident."

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber,
Founder of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)


VideoArt4Future is a statement to the public and at the same time a call to action to protect the environment. The world is our only sanctuary and needs our support and attention - NOW!

This project is only the beginning of a long journey.

Our vision

should change the world

Our mission

is to reach all people

Our message

is embodied by art

Our dedication

serves the conservation of nature and the environment


Exhibition following the Waterkant Festival until September 2022, every Sat / Sun 12-19 hrs.


EGOSPHERE by VideoArt4Future is a message for environmental protection and at the same time an appeal for action. A mirrored infinity room was built especially for the Waterkant Festival and the subsequent exhibition, which is played with the video art installation. In her video loop, Betty Mü shows a surreal collage of AI-generated portraits, landscapes and cosmic views. The focus is on the ego, the egocentric self-image that encounters the ecosphere with its seemingly limitless dreams and desires. As part of the VideoArt4Future initiative, the installation thus also sets an example for the ecological challenges of our planet.

VideoArt4Future is a long-term art project for environmental protection. After THE CONTAINER-PROJECT (2021), the initiative now continues with the installation EGOSPHERE.

EGOSPHERE was created for the Kiel Waterkant Festival 2022, which is aimed at founders, inventors, makers, influencers and idea carriers who are helping to shape the future and society of tomorrow.

About Betty Mü

As a video artist, Betty Mü deals professionally with various media and technological innovations on a daily basis. But what price do people pay for progress and globalisation? Betty Mü does not want to stand idly by while the habitat of future generations is destroyed by the blindness of a barely regulated economy. It is urgently time that all media are used to point out the ecological grievances and environmental protection. She wants to act and uses her medium - video art - as a personal mouthpiece to motivate as many people as possible to make an active contribution to the preservation of our environment by rethinking their consumer behaviour.

Concept: Betty Mü | Conceptual advice: Daniel Ehrlenspiel (ArsPublika) | Video editing and compositing: Betty Mü | Sound: Enik | Building Infinity space: Holzschwester | Commissioned by the Waterkant Festival | Alexander Ohrt

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VideoArt4Future is more than an art project and includes several art actions, including EGOSPHERE. This website also serves as a platform for a better exchange of experience and knowledge around the topic of environmental protection. The aim is to reach all people with our message through various actions and cooperations. Currently, you can use the CO2 calculator to calculate your own CO2 emissions. Visit our homepage regularly and stay up to date!

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